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Store offers of the week
Half Horseshoe Gammon
2kg £15.00
Topside Beef Joint
1.4kg £15.50
2 x Topside Beef Joints
1.4kg £15.50
1KG Fillet Steaks
1kg £20.00
Chicken Breast Fillets
5kg £25.00
Sirloin Steaks
2kg £25.00
Rump Steak
2kg £25.00
Horseshoe Gammon
4kg £28.00
2KG Fillet Steaks
2kg £30.00
3 x Topside of Beef Joints
2.8kg £30.00
4 x Topside Beef Joints
2.8kg £30.00
Mixed Meat Hamper
11.3KG £79.00