Boneless Shoulder of Pork

Locally sourced British Shoulder of Pork, with the rind to make the perfect crackling. There's nothing better than a pulled pork bap with stuffing & apple sauce... not forgetting the crackling! 

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Our Shoulders of Pork are locally sourced from Collicutt Meats, and is the perfect cut for making pulled pork. This joint is super versatile, and can be cooked with various different flavours. Cooked low and slow, the meat becomes tender and will melt in your mouth. Here's one of our tried and tested flavour rub recipes;

  1. In a small bowl, mix treacle, cider vinegar, paprika, cumin, mustard powder and chilli powder until smooth
  2. With a sharp knife, make deep slashes in the skin of the Pork
  3. Rub spice paste into the meat
  4. Leave to marinade for 24 hours, to give the Pork maximum flavour
  5. Place in the oven at 150C (gas mark 2) and cook low and slow for between 3 - 5 hours

We always endeavour to provide you with consistency of cuts, weights and sizes. Since our butchers cut our meat by hand, they may have to cut slightly over or under your ordered weight in order to ensure you get the best quality.

*This is one joint

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