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2KG Fillet Steaks

2KG Fillet Steaks

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Beautiful Fillet Steaks
Fillet Steak is known for its tenderness and melt in the mouth experience. It is considered one of the easiest steaks to cook, and certainly doesn't disappoint.

Here is how we would cook this beautiful steak;

1. Remove steaks from the fridge to reach room temperature
2. Heat the pan with a splash of oil
3. Season your steaks to your liking, i.e with salt and pepper
4. Cook to your desired taste

For a medium rare steak, we recommend 3 minutes on each side, then remove the steaks and leave to rest, covered in foil for 2 minutes.

We always endeavour to provide you with consistency of cuts, weights and sizes. Since our butchers cut our meat by hand, they may have to cut slightly over or under your ordered weight in order to ensure you get the best quality.